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Lotus Freezing is a supplier of high quality display cases and refrigeration products with advanced manufacturing factories,we have more than 10 years experience in the R&D of commercial refrigeration equipment.We are dedicated to be the most influential and professional intelligent cold chain production base in Asian.

Our products are now widely uses in supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores,cold chains, restaurants and hotels, cake&coffee shops,medical institutions,storage warehouse and etc..

Our sales network has covered all over the world and the reputation has spread throughout the world ! Foreign trade business is far ahead of the competitors . Our main markets foucs on the USA,Canada,Australia,Germany,South African,Middle east and etc.

We are adheres to the “quality extension of the market, innovation leads to development”, follows the integrity of the operation , rigorous recruitment, and imports advanced production testing equipment, uses new material & technology & craft, and constantly develops better quality and higher grade professional products to provide better service for our customers.

Lotusfreezing was Founded in 2015,at the very beginning,the company only have three worker,founder Mr shanfon,Accounting Mrs Xu,and sales manager Mr angu,Through their untiring efforts, the company has grown rapidly during 17 years after its establishment.Now they are all success into retirement,the new generation team who taking over the baton are even better.You can check the below link for more information about out team.


This story should start from an early age of Founder Mr shanfon.

Shanfon was lived in a small village far away from big city,even it takes half a day to buy some meat for meal,there was no noisy or snobbish,only peaceful and friendly.There was a small pond behind his home and this pond became the only accompany for him during his childhood.During the summer time,he was swimming in the pond,Lobster fishing,during the winter time, he was skating in the pond ice and finishing.And of course,the lotus become the most beautiful thing in his heart that he will never forgot.

When he grew up,whenever he was not happy or during the times of difficulty,he would walk along the pond and see the lotus.Over time,the lotus has been a relief in his heart,although there are no pond there any more.


And lotus represent for the purity and sincere in China culture which is also one of company culture,he hope everyone should be sincere,unity,and to be pure.

So,when Mr shanfon created Lotusfreezing in 2006,the first brand he submitted is Lotus.

Lotusfreezing is not a factory nor a trading company,what we provide is the freezing solution,from the site layout, equipment recommendation or customized design, then to production, door-to-door logistics, and even on-site installation.

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Alex Yin
Alex YinTechnical Director
Alex was graduated from Mechanical Engineering , University of Melbourne, Australia in 2010.Until now,he has more than 8 years experience in the electrical area and among them 5 years experience in commercial freezers.
Monica Yao
Monica YaoSales Director
Monica was working in the appliance area for about 5 years.At first, she was working as a sales engineer in a American-funded enterprises.And her professional competence is generally recognized.
Simon Wu
Simon WuOperation Director
Simon is our Operation Director,he is responsible for the purchasing and production,He has the ultimate pursuit of the product,Under his leadership, our products have been recognized by more than 90 countries and regions in the world.

Our Capacity

Store Design 100%

LDS(Lotus Design Services) provide brief layout and design services according to customer specific requirements or ideals.

LDS takes a approach to innovative store design that have enabled retailing success for decades. LDS apply expertise in creative store design that takes into account many factors that help increase sales and customer loyalty, while minimizing overall operating costs.

Our design team will assist in determining the best for overall retail flow of your store with consideration for equipment, gondolas, cabinetry and refrigeration. By our rich experience, our design team will develop a comprehensive and unique store layout solution.

Cabinetry & Millwork 100%

Cabinetry enhances your merchandising capabilities while separating you from competition. Only quality materials and fabrication methods are used in production for our customer’s needs.

Our specialty is custom designed for each and every project specification. This includes durable laminate, solid surface, marbles and etc.

supermarket shelves
Fixtures 100%

As a total solution provider, Lotus offers very competitive pricing on any equipment you may need. Utilizing our global network, we provide a single source for a total package of products, which includes items necessary to convenience stores, institutions and food service operations.With a versatile selection of equipment, we can provide you with any thing you need.

supermarket gondola, convenience store gondola
​​Shelving 100%

Lotus provides a variety of shelving for retailing and storage.

We have several options including gondola ,island shelving, display shelving walls. We can also provide wine and spirit displays.Our specialty is custom designed for each and every project specification.

supermarket gondola, convenience store gondola
​​Energy, Sustainability and Food Safety 100%

Convenience stores become more sophisticated and versatile in the offerings. Lotus has developed a series of solutions to ensure Convenience stores’ customer experience.

Our environment packages consist of equipment that keep foods cleaner,easy accessible and safer for customers.

​​Consolidation 100%

One source for all equipment, scheduling, warehousing and etc.

With our global sales network, we can be your single point of contact. Use our purchasing power to lower your construction and maintenance projects as well as streamline your construction schedules for on time store openings.

supermarket shelves, storage shelves
​​Refrigeration & Merchandising Solutions 100%

Lotus has own unique refrigeration technology for merchandisers,freezers and other applications. ​

Lotus refrigeration systems include plug-in and remote systems, which can be selected according to customer needs.

supermarket shelves, storage shelves

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