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Retailing Equipment

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Open Multi-deck Showcase

Open multi-deck showcase is divided into built-in-compressor models and remote-compressor models according to configuration.

  • Built-in model advantages: easy to move, easy maintenance.
  • Built-in model disadvantages: limited size, suitable for small markets, convenience stores, fruit stores, etc.
  • Remote model advantages: low noise, flexible combination, beautiful appearance.
  • Remote model disadvantages: inconvenient to move, high technical requirements for maintenance, suitable for large supermarkets, shopping mall,hotels and so on.

Customers should choose their own style and type according to their own needs.

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 Island Merchandiser

  • High energy savings compared with conventional open units
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to electronic speed-controlled compressor (VS)
  • Massive additional power saving potential due to extensive optimizations in technology and construction
  • Synthetic interior casing for better hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Improved viewing of merchandise and optimized capacity
  • Ecologically sound thanks to the natural refrigerant propane (R290)
  • 100 % CFC- and PFC-free
  • Ready to plug in – no additional assembly required
  • Low costs for investment and operation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low front access height for convenient merchandise placement and withdrawal
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glass door cooler/chiller

Glass door cooler/chiller

  • The inside adopts a cold air distribution structure to eliminate freezing dead angle and uniform cooling effect.
  • The use of wide climate zone design, makes it suitable for a wider range.
  • Ultra-low forefront height,ultra large display area, with excellent display effect.
  • High-grade aluminum frame, high-grade anti-fog glass door with heating wire.
  • Appearance with streamlined design, beautiful and unique, luxurious.
  • Energy saving, glass door automatically closed, easy to use.
  • Multi-network laminates with free combination , angle adjustable, to maximize presence.
  • Stable, inside temperature more uniform, so that a longer shelf life of food.
  • Greater display area makes foods a full display in the light .
  • Use electronic ballasts , energy saving, lighting without flicker.
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Shelves are mainly used to display merchandise, efficiently use limited business space, make customers very clear of the goods arrangement by a glance, and send product information to customers as quickly as possible.

Through the emotional display of products, inspire and strengthen the purchasing determination of customers. At the same time, it is also a basic business facility where salespersons provide customers with a high standard of service.

The display of goods on the shelf can effectively prevent moisture, dust, burglar, and vandalism, and improve the quality of product storage.

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cake showcase

Cake Showcase

Cake showcase is a kind of refrigerated storage cabinet with large glass for displaying cakes and desserts. Our cake showcase is air cooling system, usually made of stainless steel with marble surface front side.  It is often used in cake shops, food stores and other related catering service shops.

  • The temperature control of cake showcase is mostly +2 to +8 degrees, which is better for cake preservation,
  • The appearance can customize (natural marble or artificial marble,stainless steel structure or color steel structure,arc glass style or right-angled style,front sliding doors or lift doors).

Customers should choose right style according to their own needs.

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Turn Key Solution

Professional supplier of all kind refrigeration equipments

Our Capacity

Store Design 100%

LDS(Lotus Design Services) provide brief layout and design services according to customer specific requirements or ideals.

LDS takes a approach to innovative store design that have enabled retailing success for decades. LDS apply expertise in creative store design that takes into account many factors that help increase sales and customer loyalty, while minimizing overall operating costs.

Our design team will assist in determining the best for overall retail flow of your store with consideration for equipment, gondolas, cabinetry and refrigeration. By our rich experience, our design team will develop a comprehensive and unique store layout solution.

Cabinetry & Millwork 100%

Cabinetry enhances your merchandising capabilities while separating you from competition. Only quality materials and fabrication methods are used in production for our customer’s needs. Our specialty is custom designed for each and every project specification. This includes durable laminate, solid surface, marbles and etc.

supermarket shelves
Fixtures 100%

As a total solution provider, Lotus offers very competitive pricing on any equipment you may need. Utilizing our global network, we provide a single source for a total package of products, which includes items necessary to convenience stores, institutions and food service operations.

supermarket gondola, convenience store gondola
​​Shelving 100%

Lotus provides a variety of shelving for retailing and storage. We have several options including gondola ,island shelving, display shelving walls. We can also provide wine and spirit displays.Our specialty is custom designed for each and every project specification.

supermarket gondola, convenience store gondola
​​Energy, Sustainability and Food Safety 100%

Convenience stores become more sophisticated and versatile in the offerings. Lotus has developed a series of solutions to ensure Convenience stores’ customer experience. Our environment packages consist of equipment that keep foods cleaner,easy accessible and safer for customers.

​​Consolidation 100%

One source for all equipment, scheduling, warehousing and etc. With our global sales network, we can be your single point of contact. Use our purchasing power to lower your construction and maintenance projects as well as streamline your construction schedules for on time store openings.

supermarket shelves, storage shelves
​​Refrigeration & Merchandising Solutions 100%

Lotus has own unique refrigeration technology for merchandisers,freezers and other applications. ​Lotus refrigeration systems include plug-in and remote systems, which can be selected according to customer needs.

supermarket shelves, storage shelves


“As should be obvious to anybody who has walked into a fast-food restaurant such as Burger King, and looked behind our counters, we have an enormous need and variety of restaurant kitchen equipment. We need stoves, ovens, refrigeration units, storage, counter-tops and other equipment, all in a compact space, and easily cleansed and maintained. We have relatively small locations, yet each one provides good, nutritious meals to thousands of customers each day. Lotus Freezing has provided all of our requirements and at an affordable price. We hope to partner and expand with them for a long time to come.”

Burger King

“Everyone wants to deal with and be around those who are similar to themselves. We at Pacific Coffee Company do not scrimp when it comes to ingredients and products, and we are passionate about the environment. We have found that Lotus Freezing feels the same in what they offer. When it came to purchasing stainless steel refrigerator and showcase, we naturally went to Lotus Freezing. We especially appreciate the refrigeration units which keep our items at the peak of freshness, and especially as our cold or iced coffees are becoming increasingly popular in our China Mainland locations.”

Pacific Coffee

“Lotus Freezing has met and exceeded all of our expectations, just as we at METRO attempt to do for each and every one of our customers. It is not easy operating a supermarket. As the word implies, it is super large; it is larger than a grocery store, but perhaps smaller in scope than a regular restaurant, but we are still expected to provide anything and everything that customers want in all facets of their lives. Thus, we at Metro have to provide fresh, healthy, delicious hot or cold foods at all times of the day. The full range of stainless steel products that we have purchased from Lotus Freezing satisfies both us.”


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