The budget estimation during restaurant kitchen design


Restaurant Kitchen Design Estimation The kitchen is the soul of the restaurant. Every catering owner also wants to create a highly efficient and practical commercial kitchen for the restaurant. However, in real life, the restaurant owner often complains: "The decoration of the kitchen is constantly adding, changing, and buying. It’s just spending money like water!” How much does it cost to design and decorate the restaurant kitchen? How do the catering owners make budgets for the restaurant kitchen? In fact, different restaurants will have great differences in the investment of commercial kitchen equipment and decoration design. The restaurant operators [...]

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ELT certified refrigerator


Lotus display showcase for North Amecian market Product safety and certification are important aspects of any business. Not only for the customer but also for the company itself. Refrigerator product certification is critical to product safety. Therefore, product certification is a stamp of superior quality. The regulation of the freezer must not only ensure safety, but also ensure environmental obligations. In the commercial freezer manufacturing , there are three major safety and certification agencies . They are UL ETL and CSA, A close relationships with these independent certification agencies ensure that products meet the stringent testing requirements. These agencies work [...]

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What Is The Principle Of Using The Kitchen Refrigerator To keep food fresh ?


Learn to think smart. The kitchen display refrigerator is to keep the food fresh, but is it true that our use method is correct? Let's see what we should pay attention to. Some people love to be just out of the pot food immediately put inside cooling, want to eat delicious food in the shortest period of time. But the overheated food into the cabinet, is likely to shorten the service life. Follow your instincts Raw food and cooked food can not be put together, and the storage time and temperature of raw food and cooked food are [...]

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The Factors Affecting The Refrigeration Of The Open Type Multi-deck Showcase


Stay focus. Now the food is many, but can maintain the freshness of the time is not long, so now a lot of home or in the hotel will have four kitchen door freezer, open type multi-deck Showcase and some large refrigerator, so will be able to extend the preservation time of food, but no matter what I know is who is what kind of refrigeration equipment in after a period of adjustment will appear the phenomenon of refrigeration. 1. Open the door of the refrigerated room to see if the light in the box is bright, so [...]

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What Fruit Is Suitable For Refrigerating In The Freezer?


Focus on exam results. With the increasing demand of people for food, more and more refrigerating equipment has entered into supermarkets, convenience stores, fruit stores and individual families. The most obvious part is refrigerated display cabinets. As the fruit life maintenance irreplaceable food, refrigerated display cabinets, display of fruit you naturally become the best choice for the preservation of fruits, such as fruit plantation, Babson fruit fruit shop almost put the fruit air curtain cabinet, refrigerated display cabinets. As a manufacturer of refrigerated ice freezer, green zero has a little research on the preservation of things. Not all the fruits [...]

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