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“As should be obvious to anybody who has walked into a fast-food restaurant such as Burger King, and looked behind our counters, we have an enormous need and variety of restaurant kitchen equipment. We need stoves, ovens, refrigeration units, storage, counter-tops and other equipment, all in a compact space, and easily cleansed and maintained. We have relatively small locations, yet each one provides good, nutritious meals to thousands of customers each day. Lotus Freezing has provided all of our requirements and at an affordable price. We hope to partner and expand with them for a long time to come.”

Burger King

“Everyone wants to deal with and be around those who are similar to themselves. We at Pacific Coffee Company do not scrimp when it comes to ingredients and products, and we are passionate about the environment. We have found that Lotus Freezing feels the same in what they offer. When it came to purchasing stainless steel refrigerator and showcase, we naturally went to Lotus Freezing. We especially appreciate the refrigeration units which keep our items at the peak of freshness, and especially as our cold or iced coffees are becoming increasingly popular in our China Mainland locations.”

Pacific Coffee

“Lotus Freezing has met and exceeded all of our expectations, just as we at METRO attempt to do for each and every one of our customers. It is not easy operating a supermarket. As the word implies, it is super large; it is larger than a grocery store, but perhaps smaller in scope than a regular restaurant, but we are still expected to provide anything and everything that customers want in all facets of their lives. Thus, we at Metro have to provide fresh, healthy, delicious hot or cold foods at all times of the day. The full range of stainless steel products that we have purchased from Lotus Freezing satisfies both us.”