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Product safety and certification are important aspects of any business. Not only for the customer but also for the company itself. Refrigerator product certification is critical to product safety. Therefore, product certification is a stamp of superior quality. The regulation of the freezer must not only ensure safety, but also ensure environmental obligations.

In the commercial freezer manufacturing , there are three major safety and certification agencies . They are UL ETL and CSA, A close relationships with these independent certification agencies ensure that products meet the stringent testing requirements. These agencies work with companies to help make products safely. They provide appropriate testing procedures to meet the required compliance.

We Lotus provide several kind of ETL certified commercial freezer.

What are UL, ETL, and CSA certification?


UL: Underwriters Laboratories certification

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that test products for established, self-published safety standards. UL is the most well-known certification and is used all over the world. It establishes safety standards for products like commercial refrigerators and freezers.  UL acts as an independent testing agency that makes sure refrigeration products meet those standards.

ETL: Electrical Testing Laboratories certification

Electrical Testing Laboratories from the UK. It’s one of the fastest growing safety certifications servicing the U.S. and Canada. ETL does not publish its own security standards. Instead, they test products based on standards published by other NRTLs such as UL. This means that the product maintains the same standards as UL and is also recognized by OSHA.

In fact, UL and ETL are two competing organizations with the same purpose. It is undeniable that this can be confusing. Some customers may be looking for products listed by UL and are surprised to find that we offer products listed by ETL. However, please note that there is no difference in the quality between the two lists. The products listed in ETL and the products listed in UL have passed the same safety standards.

CSA: Canadian Standards Association certification

Canadian Standards Association from Canada, is an NRTL that primarily serves the U.S. and Canada.  This listing tests products based on standards set by the ANSI, UL, and NSF and is widely regarded as a suitable substitute to UL and ETL listings. It is used in many different industries, including the commercial refrigerator.

Is there a difference between UL, ETL and CSA?

There is no difference between UL or ETL or CSA except for the institution that issued the certificate. Therefore, please be assured that no matter which certification mark (UL, ETL or CSA) you have on the refrigerator or freezer, it has passed the same UL standard test and certification, and the refrigeration plant is regularly checked to ensure it continues. Meet product safety standards. In summary, UL, ETL and CSA are interchangeable.

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