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kitchen freezer

Stainless Steel Kitchen Freezer

Kitchen refrigerators, also known as kitchen freezers, are low-temperature storage devices used in the food and beverage industry to store food. As the kitchen refrigerator is most used in the kitchen environment, and get touch with food and raw materials directly, so it should be wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance,fire resistance, antibacterial,hygiene and other characteristics, to meet these requirements,most of the kitchen refrigerators are made of stainless steel. Kitchen refrigerators are generally divided into platform type and vertical type according to the structure. The increase of kitchen refrigerator door indicates that the number of spaces in the freezer separated by different temperature ranges increases, so that the function of the kitchen refrigerator is better, and items with different storage temperature requirements can be respectively accessing in different compartment doors which can reduce the mutual interference of stored items and at the same time help to reduce the leakage of cold air.

kitchen freezer

Air Cooling/Direct Cooling

Automatic Defogging

LED Lighting System

Intelligent Temperature Control

Copper Made Evaporator and Condenser

High Efficient Customized Brand Compressor

Touch Screen

Led Screen,easy to operate

Simple Handle

Fashionable and Endurable

Universal Wheels

Moving conveniently with brake

Brand Compressor

Fast cooling,Low noise and Environment friendly

Stable Hinge

Stainless Steel,Endurable

Adjustable Shelves

Height adjustable Shelves,can be unloaded

Intelligent Digital Display Panel

Intelligent digital thermostat, Clear temperature display, Quick temperature adjustment

Door Sealing

Good elasticity,Lock the air, Better thermal insulation

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