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medical freezer

Medical Freezer

Medical freezers with relatively advanced temperature control systems and advanced production process technology. Generally, they are mostly used in hospitals and medical research Institutions. Now, more and more families are using medical freezer to storage drugs. Medical freezers are divided into different types according to specific uses, such as pharmaceutical refrigerator, , vaccine refrigerated cabinets,ult-low temperature freezers.

Medical refrigerators are specialized refrigerators for storing special items such as drugs, vaccines, enzymes, hormones, stem cells, platelets, semen, transplanted skin and animal tissue samples, extracted RNA, gene libraries, and some important biological and chemical reagents.

Medical refrigerator can be divided into 3 categories according to temperature, which is refrigerator(2-8℃), freezer(-10~-80℃) and cryogenic cabinet(-130℃) .

medical freezer

1. 304 stainless steel plate

2. Specially designed polyurethane
foam insulation material

Noise Reduction
3. Special noise reduction structure

4. LED lighting

5. Adjustable shelves

6. Automatic defrosting

Refrigeration System
7. Double-cascade refrigeration system

Temperature Control Mode
8. Microcomputer Control System

9. Automatic closing system

Door lock
10. Safety door lock design

Alarm system
11. High and low temperature
alarm system

Glass door
12. Glass door for option

13. Retractable foot fixing device

  • 1.The enclosure is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The surface is treated with advanced anti-corrosion photostatting and spraying process. The elegant orange powder is sprayed on the surface. The inner wall is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, durable, safe and reliable.

  • 5.Adjustable shelves for flexible control of things that need refrigeration.

  • 9.Automatic closing door system, easy to disassemble

  • 12.Glass doors for option to make it easier to observe things inside instead of opening the door directly

  • 2.With specially designed polyurethane foam insulation material, the maximum temperature difference between inside and outside is 110°C. Polyurethane foam insulation material can avoid cracking and deformation. The thickness of 150mm insulation material ensure the stability of internal temperature.

  • 6.Automatic defrosting system

  • 10. Safety door lock design to prevent abnormal opening and closing of the door

  • 13. Retractable foot fixture cabinet for easy movement and fixing

  • 3.Special noise reduction design, with special materials for the reduction of material between each noise-producing part, and the density of the fire-proof sound-absorbing cotton is installed around the unit.

  • 7. The double-cascade cooling system is designed for ultra-low temperature applications. Even at high ambient temperatures, it can maintain the required temperature in the cabinet and facilitating maintenance, and almost all system-related components. Can be repaired and replaced to ensure the long-term use of the product. Use imported brand oil and gas separator, high quality brand compressor

  • 4.LED lighting system saves energy and increases lighting efficiency

  • 8.With microcomputer control system, digital display of temperature can ensure accurate and stable operation. Near-month temperature and alarm condition can be read through USB port. Remote monitoring can be realized through optional wireless network monitoring module and special software.

  • 11.With high and low temperature alarm sensor failure alarm function with sound buzz and light flashing alarm mode. Keypad, password protection function to prevent arbitrary adjustment of operating parameters. Operating parameter display function, real-time monitoring to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment

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