Right Way to Clean Your Restaurant Refrigerator

//Right Way to Clean Your Restaurant Refrigerator
The central part of the central is its kitchen. Thus, it is important to keep the kitchen area clean as well as hygienic. It helps enhancing trustworthiness of your restaurant. Not just cleaning the kitchen on regular basis, it is important to take care of the kitchen accessories as well as equipments. Cleaning the equipments and appliances on regular basis is important for two reasons. First of all, it helps maintaining hygiene as well as cleanliness. Secondly, it also keeps the equipments at their top notch status. For example, kitchen refrigerator of a restaurant needs regular cleaning. With regular cleaning, it is possible to enjoy durable service of the refrigerator. At the same time, food items stored inside the fridge also stays safe, fresh and healthy.

So, the big question is how to clean the kitchen equipments? In the following section, you can find a perfect guide in this regard.

Turn It off and Make It Empty

Before cleaning the refrigeration, you need to undergo the preparation stage. In this stage, you need to turn of the refrigerator first. Once it is turned off, you need to make sure that every item inside the refrigerator should be taken out. Keep those foodstuffs at a safe place as refrigerator would take around 1-2 hours for the cleaning job. Before starting the cleaning process, we should disconnect the power supply cable. Switching it off is not just good enough. Plucking out the cable from the power supply plug is important. Now, you are ready to go to the next stage of cleaning process.

Using the Right Chemicals

It is necessary to use right chemical for the cleaning process of your restaurant refrigerator. Now, various kinds of cleaning chemicals are available at the marketplace. Since foods or other edible items are stored inside refrigerator, it is important to use a chemical that would not potentially bring health hazard. Eco-friendly products for cleaning should be used. When it comes to choosing cleaning chemicals, it is also important to find items that would not cause damages to any part of refrigerator. Some chemical can decolorize the refrigerator body.

Clean Door Seals Properly

Door seals of the refrigerator are considered as vulnerable for easy damages. Thus, they require to clean as frequently as possible. IN order to clean the door seals, you need to invest time. Nevertheless, we need to chose good cleaning chemical. Both wet and dry cloths need use during the cleaning process. After water cleaning, it is important to clean them with dry cloth so  can soake the moisture . Prevailing moisture can damage the seals.

Cleaning Inner and Outer Body

Extensive cleaning process is required to be carried out when dealing with inside and outside body of the refrigerator. As stated already, we need use harmless chemicals for this process. Make sure that you choose eco-friendly chemicals otherwise it could potentially cause different sorts of damages to the refrigerator and can also make the foodstuffs stored inside it non-edible or harmful to be consumed.