Restaurant Kitchen Design Estimation

The kitchen is the soul of the restaurant. Every catering owner also wants to create a highly efficient and practical commercial kitchen for the restaurant. However, in real life, the restaurant owner often complains: “The decoration of the kitchen is constantly adding, changing, and buying. It’s just spending money like water!” How much does it cost to design and decorate the restaurant kitchen? How do the catering owners make budgets for the restaurant kitchen?

In fact, different restaurants will have great differences in the investment of commercial kitchen equipment and decoration design. The restaurant operators need to consider the following main factors affecting the kitchen budget, so that to estimate the restaurant kitchen in advance to allocate resources reasonably:

The cost of commercial kitchen equipment depends on: the overall design of the kitchen, the spatial layout of the kitchen function area, the grade of the restaurant, and the resources of the investors. In other words, the model, type, grade and quantity of the kitchen equipment purchased by the restaurant must be based on the overall architectural design blueprint from the design and construction team. Some of the food restaurant owners will buy the products directly from the kitchenware sellers. But they ignore the installation technology problems of the kitchen, the properties of the restaurant and the actual needs, so this will bring hidden dangers to the kitchen and increase unnecessary costs.

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Generally speaking,the more seats a restaurant can provide, the higher cost of commercial kitchen. Because the kitchen needs enough space to maintain a certain scale of production, the number of people dining has a significant impact on the size of the kitchen. The number of people dining is often changed. Generally, it can be considered as a factor in determining the distribution of kitchen space and the budget of the equipment according to the maximum number of people dining in the restaurant.

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The more diverse the dishes served in the restaurant, the higher the cost of building the kitchen. Restaurants that produce a variety of dishes require more kitchen equipment, space, food refrigerated storage and staff, and more. For example, the menus of Chinese restaurants usually have a wide variety of foods, and the chefs use large cauldrons, so there are more stoves, the kitchen area is generally larger, and the capital investment is relatively high.

The investment amount of the commercial kitchen can be a personal decision, in another words, the investor’s own requirements for kitchen renovation directly affect the budget of the kitchen investment cost:

  • Changes in the structure of the kitchen building: electrical, plumbing and ventilation system installation, which is one of the highest input costs for commercial kitchen design.
  • Replace all equipment in the kitchen or select equipment that is no longer functioning in the repair and maintenance section.
  • Investor’s aesthetic principle.
  • Building code upgrades and maintenance.

The contract cost for commercial kitchen engineering are inconsistent, some are expensive, and the restaurant operators should compare more during in the budget preparation, and include the contractor’s permit, license, insurance and other related expenses in the budget. In terms of construction time, if the project is delayed, it may lead to failure to open as scheduled and make certain losses. In addition, reserve funds to cope with unexpected engineering problems, such as: water left in un-level ground, kitchen drainage blockage, unreasonable layout of the moving line, many gaps at the bottom of the equipment, difficulty in cleaning, etc.

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Honestly, it is not easy to prepare cost budget for a restaurant kitchen, but it is worthwhile for each restaurant to spend time preparing a budget plan. If you have any problems during the planning process, you can find a design and engineering company for help, and Lotus is happy to answer any questions about the design of the restaurant space.