The Factors Affecting The Refrigeration Of The Open Type Multi-deck Showcase

///The Factors Affecting The Refrigeration Of The Open Type Multi-deck Showcase

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Now the food is many, but can maintain the freshness of the time is not long, so now a lot of home or in the hotel will have four kitchen door freezer, open type multi-deck Showcase and some large refrigerator, so will be able to extend the preservation time of food, but no matter what I know is who is what kind of refrigeration equipment in after a period of adjustment will appear the phenomenon of refrigeration.

Open Type Multi-deck Showcase
  • 1. Open the door of the refrigerated room to see if the light in the box is bright, so as to determine whether the power supply for the electric refrigerator is connected. If the lamp is not lit by the power plug or pen multimeter to check if the power socket has electricity, electric refrigerator plug is good.

  • 2.  Check whether the power supply voltage is lower than 187 volts with the multimeter, because the normal use voltage of electric refrigerating cabinet is 187V to 242V according to the national standard (except manufacturer’s instructions), and the compressor which is below 187-volt electric refrigerator cannot get effective normal startup.

  • 3. When the ambient temperature is lower than the normal starting temperature of the temperature controller, it is necessary to check whether the low-temperature switch of the Hangzhou refrigerator is open. Only the low-temperature switch is opened to make the temperature controller open.

    The reason that the refrigerator is not refrigerated first, the electric refrigerator temperature controller is installed in the cold storage room, the temperature of the refrigerator does not meet the temperature controller required temperature so that no stop. How to achieve the best preservative effect of fruit display cabinet.

  • 4. Compressor does not stop day and night, the freezer may cause the refrigerant limit refrigeration temperature. Most of this happens in cold refrigerator-freezers. The reason is that the refrigerator evaporator frosting is broken and the ice jam is produced. It can not be ruled out that the air cooling fan is bad, and there are too many articles in the refrigerator to plug the air vent, causing the bad cooling effect.

  • 5. Cold storage cabinet is adjusted automatically with the temperature regulation of the freezer, and the temperature of the freezer can be lowered. The temperature of 4-10 degrees is normal in the general cold storage cabinet. Notice the greater the number of the temperature controller, the lower the temperature, the larger the summer numbers and the smaller the winter numbers.

    In addition, the refrigerated cabinet is often opened, and there are more articles in the refrigerator, which makes the refrigerated cabinet uncooled or the effect of refrigeration is not ideal.

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