What Fruit Is Suitable For Refrigerating In The Freezer?

///What Fruit Is Suitable For Refrigerating In The Freezer?

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With the increasing demand of people for food, more and more refrigerating equipment has entered into supermarkets, convenience stores, fruit stores and individual families. The most obvious part is refrigerated display cabinets.

As the fruit life maintenance irreplaceable food, refrigerated display cabinets, display of fruit you naturally become the best choice for the preservation of fruits, such as fruit plantation, Babson fruit fruit shop almost put the fruit air curtain cabinet, refrigerated display cabinets. As a manufacturer of refrigerated ice freezer, green zero has a little research on the preservation of things. Not all the fruits are suitable for the refrigerator. What kind of fruit is not suitable for the fruit refrigerated display cabinet?

Pitaya, mango, litchi, longan, papaya, rambutan etc. are very popular. However, once these fruits are put into the refrigerated display cabinet, the black spots begin to appear in a few days. What’s the matter?

Tropical and subtropical fruit is afraid of low temperature, which is related to their growing areas and climate. Generally speaking, in warm areas, especially in summer, the growth of fruits is poorer than that in cold climates and fruits grown in autumn. Therefore, some temperate fruits, such as grapes, apples and pears, can play a role in the preservation of the refrigerator.

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Which fruit is not suitable for the fruit refrigerated display cabinet? Northern consumers often do not know much about the characteristics of tropical fruit. In fact, most of them are afraid of cold and are not suitable for cold storage in refrigerated display cabinets. The skin of the fruit is sunken and some dark brown spots appear, which means that the fruit is frostbitten. Frostbite fruits are not only damaged, but also easy to deteriorate. In a few days, the color of the flesh becomes brown and begins to rot.

In daily life, tropical fruits are best stored in dark and cool places. If placed in refrigerated display cabinets, they should be placed in a high temperature vegetable and fruit tank. The best time to preserve them is not more than two days. Some unripe tropical fruits have worse cold resistance, so it’s better not to put them in a refrigerated display cabinet. Otherwise, they not only can not mature normally, but also can rot and can’t be eaten. After taking out the tropical fruit from the refrigerated display cabinet, it will accelerate the deterioration at normal temperature, so it is necessary to eat as soon as possible.

So the tropical, subtropical, and other fruits should not be kept in refrigerated display cabinet.

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