What Is The Principle Of Using The Kitchen Refrigerator To keep food fresh ?

///What Is The Principle Of Using The Kitchen Refrigerator To keep food fresh ?

Learn to think smart.

The kitchen display refrigerator is to keep the food fresh, but is it true that our use method is correct? Let’s see what we should pay attention to.

Some people love to be just out of the pot food immediately put inside cooling, want to eat delicious food in the shortest period of time. But the overheated food into the cabinet, is likely to shorten the service life.

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Raw food and cooked food can not be put together, and the storage time and temperature of raw food and cooked food are different. Parasites and bacteria are commonly found in raw food.  And it will contaminate thecooked food  if they are put together with cooked food. At the same time, food can not be placed directly on the evaporator. So that it is possible that the food will freeze on the evaporator, so it is difficult to take it out.

The food in the cabinet can not be full, to leave a certain gap, so the cold air in the cabinet can flow smoothly, and can reduce the load of the cabinet. And the food is prone to cross infection, which can easily cause discomfort in the body.

The temperature of the food preservative in the kitchen refrigerator is usually between 4-6 degrees, and at such a temperature the rate of growth of bacteria will not be so fast.  The food in the cabinet must be stored in a classified way, which will help to keep the food fresh. If the cabinet to store food, is the best time in three days, before eating the best to see whether there is a smell, the smell will not eat it, even if there is no smell, high temperature heating must be edible, this is some common sense about the use of refrigerated cabinet.

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